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Photo Gallery

About Us

     Atchafalaya Taxidermy isn’t your typical taxidermy studio. Our combined experience of almost 50 years has given us a wide range of knowledge in many different species of animals. There is nothing we can't handle!  Every mount that comes through our door is treated with the utmost scrutiny and care. From the moment we receive your trophy, it is handled as an individual project and not just tossed on a work bench for a weekly quota to be filled. We handle it as if it were our own. Only the highest quality material is used on our mounts to ensure every trophy is done justice. Our mission is to replicate the live animal as closely as possible. From the tanning process, intense reference study, bug proofing systems, quality control, glues, eyes, manikins, and finishing/detailing process, no expense is spared, providing you with the highest quality mount that will last a lifetime! We are not a part-time business or a production shop that turns out mounts with little regard to quality or longevity. Taxidermy is not just a job for us. It’s part of who we are – it’s our passion in life! For this reason, we guarantee the highest quality and professionalism in our work.

     Who will you trust to preserve that moment in time, that experience, that memory? Please take a look at our work. We are convinced it will speak for itself!

About us
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